„Eateria in the Park“
at Procter & Gamble
D-A-CH Headquarter

The existing building with the staff restaurant was updated with fire protection technology. As an incentive for employees, the customer packed the interim solution into an attractive concept with additional offers.


  • A complete restaurant with cafeteria
  • Implementation planned in cooperation with the kitchen team
  • Collaboration with the general contractor
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Dates & Facts:

  • Operating time: 12 months
  • 1500 lunches daily
  • 4 different menu choices in the restaurant
  • 600 seats and buffet line, food distribution
  • Kitchen with refridgeration, storage, cooking, roasting, extractor fan, sink
  • Services: planning, execution
  • Back-up Service: 24-h-Hotline

Implementation developed
with the kitchen team

In order to provide the employees with an interim solution with a positive attitude, the owners of the branded goods company opted for the "Eateria in the Park" concept. It expanded its culinary offerings and introduced work-life balance activities, such as barbecues with live broadcast of sporting events. The planning of the interim restaurant was therefore carried out in close cooperation with the kitchen team and with those responsible for Human Resources.

»The flow of goods, the paths of the guests, the arrangement of the cash register systems - we plan from the beginning and consider the point of view of later operations.«

Christian Forsthuber, Kitchen Planner